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Your future health depends on optimal nutrition today. Greenfilled can help. We’ve researched the top ingredients from nature for improved vitality, strength and optimal wellness support. The result is TetraSOD®, the powerful antioxidant from a carefully selected strain of marine phytoplankton. Phytoplanktons provide the nutritional foundation for life in the ocean, 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe, and now nutraceutical support for our wellbeing. TetraSOD® is the foundation for all Greenfilled products, to help ensure your healthiest life and future, beginning today.


ANTIOX is a proprietary blend of the TetraSOD® antioxidant with Coenzyme Q10, Pomegranate and other extracts for optimal reduction of oxidative stress, a key factor in aging, vitality and increased stress protection.


CARDIO blends TetraSOD® with algae derived Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to support normal and healthy heart function. CARDIO is also the ideal blend to support exercisers and athletes at every age and at every level.


ENERGY is a unique blend of TetraSOD® and key supporting ingredients to promote mental clarity, an energized and vibrant feeling and to accelerate post-training recovery through optimal and healthy energy metabolism.


JOINT supports and protects healthy joint tissues by enhancing mobility and reducing stiffness. This unique blend of TetraSOD® with other bioactive ingredients helps to maintain and protect joint tissues and to support pain-free movement and increased joint flexibility.


MEMORY is a proprietary blend than features TetraSOD® and supporting ingredients that contribute to cognitive function & the protection of fragile cell membranes, lipids, and circulation that are present in a healthy brain and support your most important asset: healthy cognitive function.


PERFORM is not only for athletes. This unique formula supports anyone who pursues an active lifestyle. PERFORM blends TetraSOD® with specialized ingredients to sustain and uplift your natural antioxidant protection systems to help reduce fatigue, optimize recovery time and increase vitality.


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to help you live your best and healthiest life

Our mission is simple: to maximize the vitality, strength and well-being that can help you to live your best and healthiest life. When we searched the world for a natural solution to this challenge, we turned to the place where life began—the primordial ocean. This is where we found phytoplanktons that serve as the foundation of the oceans’ nutrition and specifically Tetraselmis chuii, the unique and special species that expresses an astonishing level of antioxidant power.

What does that mean for you?

While free radicals are essential for human immune function and are a by-product of energy production and normal metabolism, an excess of these reactive compounds results in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs in response to the natural processes of living but can accelerate in response to less-than-ideal nutrition, and lifestyle and environmental stresses and challenges. When the body’s natural immune responses can no longer counterbalance the oxidative stress in our bodies, it is akin to the rust that invades a fine-tuned mechanical engine. In our bodies, it accelerates tissue damage and degradation, reduces energy, and leads to accelerated aging.

Worse still, an inability to balance the oxidative stress in our bodies allows for both chronic and uncontrolled inflammatory responses, this type of inflammation is not supportive of healthy immune responses or healthy tissue and is associated with many significant health challenges. Clearly, doing all that we can to maintain balance is critical.

This balance is accomplished through the foundation of our products, TetraSOD®.

The key to natural anti-aging support

The lifeblood of the ocean is the secret to optimal aging.

The foundation of Greenfilled’s productsis TetraSOD®,
a nutritional derivative of the highest quality marine phytoplankton that is extraordinarily rich in the SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase) enzyme. Scientific research has validated SOD as a master antioxidant that is critical to the healthy function of the body’s natural antioxidant defence systems.

The easiest and most efficient means of assuring adequate SOD is through consumption of foods and supplements that have abundant, stable, and bioactive SOD as part of their composition. Greenfilled is leading the way with a family of nutritional products designed to enhance and amplify the master antioxidant powers of SOD to support optimal health and vitality through every phase of your life. And as an added bonus, our TetraSOD® is naturally sourced from our green and sustainable facilities. We are supporting and upholding the ocean’s delicate ecosystem as we strive to help you live your best and healthiest life.

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