What feeds the oceans, now fuels your life.

The Healthiest Version of You. It Starts Here.

A healthy future—Greenfilled can make it happen. We looked to nature to find the best ingredient to help you stay healthier and age better and what we found is TetraSOD®. This powerful antioxidant is the key ingredient in all Greenfilled products to help you get started on your healthiest self today.







The Lifeblood of the Ocean is the Lifeblood to Healthy Aging.

Our mission is simple: to maximize your vitality and help you live and age well. When we set out to find a natural solution to this challenge, we turned to the place where all life began—the primordial ocean. We found amongst the millions of microscopic organisms called phytoplankton, a special species that expressed astounding antioxidant power.

What does that mean for you?

While free radicals are essential for immune function, a by-product of energy production and normal metabolism, an excess of these reactive compounds can accelerate tissue damage & degradation, reduce energy, and lead to accelerated aging. Balance is critical.

Greenfilled’s algae is extraordinarily rich in SOD, what some call the master antioxidant and critical to the healthy function of the body’s natural antioxidant defense systems.

Our key ingredient, TetraSOD® can prevent this damage, keeping you healthy throughout your natural lifespan. Added bonus: Our TetraSOD® is obtained from the phytoplankton grown in our green and sustainable facilities, which means we’re not disrupting or depleting the ocean’s delicate ecosystem to help you live your healthiest life.