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Our natural supplements contains the secrets to healthy aging. We work together with the longest living ecosystem on Earth: the Ocean.

Our scientists have found the key ingredient to healthy aging

There’s a microscopic world in the deep blue that harbors a wide range of rich nutrients. We obtain TetraSOD® from high quality marine phytoplankton and encapsulate it for you.

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we're ocean friendly

We want to be part of your life without harming the marine ecosystem where extraordinary creatures live.

That is why founded this natural supplement store, and we started to grow microalgae at our sustainable farm to generate TetraSOD®, so marine life continues to have access to this vital food source.

you will never forget to take it

The perfect supplement to sustain a healthy memory, critical thinking ability and overall cognitive well-being.

living away from water is exhausting

An enhanced blend that gives you a kind boost to make it through the day while regulating your body’s response to stress.
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Michelle N.
Fitness consultant

"At 56, after only 30 days taking Greenfilled phytoplankton supplements, I feel both calmer and more mentally sharp than did in my 30’s!"
Jonathan F.

"I have only been taking Greenfilled supplements for a month and the truth is that I feel less muscle fatigue with the load of training that I have done. I notice a better recovery, my legs hurt less."
Alberto C.

"I came across Greenfilled a couple of years ago and it was so good for me that I continue taking it every day… I am convinced that its antioxidant power helps me to stop the effects of the steps of time and face life with that vitality that characterizes me.”

The natural supplements of Greenfilled

Greenfilled: Natural phytoplankton supplement store stocks only the highest quality natural phytoplankton and organically grown for sale online. Our supplements are formulated for all age groups including children and seniors with naturally occurring DHA’s, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants including ashwaganda and TetraSOD® superoxide dismutasa.

Are you struggling to find natural phytoplankton supplements? Natural Plankton benefits are endless, but not all phytoplankton is created equal. You can check the benefits of any of our products. If you already know what phytoplankton products you would like to purchase then you can select the type of product and the quantity that you want to buy.

Phytoplankton based natural supplements

The best thing about phytoplankton is that it’s a natural supplement and has no side effects.

Phytoplankton supplements are made from a type of marine algae that grows in the ocean. The algae can be taken as a powder or in pill form, and can be found in many different ways.

Phytoplankton is one of the most nutritionally rich foods on earth, containing over 70 minerals and vitamins. It also contains high levels of amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes and many other nutrients. It is also high in protein and low in fat, which makes it an ideal weight loss supplement (a very important benefit).

Health benefits of phytoplankton supplements:

The health benefits of phytoplankton supplements include: improved cardiovascular health; improved memory; reduced risk of cancer; increased energy levels; reduced inflammation; improved immune system function; improved bone density; increased fertility rates; improved vision; increased muscle strength; reduced joint pain or improved sleep quality.

Greenfilled is on a mission to create natural products and become a natural supplement store, that help keep you and our planet healthy! That’s why all you’ll find in the products are scientifically researched active ingredients from vegetable origin, which come from sustainable and regenerative sources.

We are also committed to use a portion of our profits to support ocean cleanup. It’s the least we can do in honor of all life and the oceans that provide us with so much, because they’re an essential part of who we are as well.

When we set out to find a natural solution, we turned to the primordial ocean. There, amidst millions of microscopic organisms called phytoplankton, special species that expressed astounding antioxidant power were found. This means we can help you live and age well by maximizing your vitality.

Our mission is simple: to maximize your vitality and help you live and age well. This is how we created this natural supplement store.

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