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Why it’s Important to Eat Real, Quality Food

Throughout history, a lot has changed in the way humans eat and drink. As we moved from being hunter gatherers to farmers, so our diet changed from one consisting of nuts, berries and bone marrow to an increased reliance on grains and pulses. If anything, our diets have become less varied over time. Today, many people in developed nations like the US, despite having access to a wider range of foods than ever before, are suffering from malnutrition. That’s not because we don’t have enough food. We don’t eat the right food or make the excuse that to eat your greens isn’t affordable.

Depending on the amount of exercise you do, a female human being will require on average 2,000 calories a day. A human male, around 2,500. Now, reaching that recommended daily allowance of calories isn’t technically difficult. It’s actually possible to access those calories cheaply, particularly if you’re buying into the processed food industry and spurring what might be described as the ‘junk food epidemic’. These days, you don’t have to go far to buy a whopping great greasy burger, which might hit 50% of your daily calorific needs in one go! But is it good for you? Not so much.

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Food for pleasure, food for medicine

The fact is, eating unhealthily is cheap. You can survive by meeting your calorific needs, but if you ate a greasy burger every day, pretty quickly you’d start wishing you didn’t. That’s because humans aren’t designed to only eat one thing. We’re omnivores, meaning we need to eat across a whole range of food types to meet our nutritional needs; to receive all of the requisite vitamins, minerals, good fats, and of course sugars and salts, but in limited amounts and in less refined forms. In an age of abundance, it’s easy to only eat for pleasure and to forget that food is also our medicine!

That’s not to say that eating healthily can’t be pleasurable, far from it. With the range of diets available today, from gluten and lactose free, to vegetarian and vegan, being able to eat well and enjoy the process is definitely possible. You just have to be smart about it, if you don’t want to break the bank. One way to look at it is you’re ultimately investing in your long-term health. Rather than paying for expensive doctor’s fees down the line, to manage the diabetes, cardiovascular and liver disease, neurodegenerative issues and cancer, all of which junk food can cause, you’re winning up front.

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Cutting out the highly processed foods

There are all sorts of benefits to eating real, quality food. When we say real, what we’re describing is food which derived directly from a natural place, or in a naturally analogue way, without going through lots of intermediary processes. The whole farm to fork movement is exactly what this is all about – cutting out all of the steps which allow companies to tamper with your food and put in all of the additives, sweeteners and preservatives which can make us sick if we eat them regularly. In reality, it’s better to avoid these types of foods completely, although that can sometimes be hard.

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So, what’s advised, is finding ways in which you can pack a nutritional punch and get those vital vitamins and minerals into your diet, while maintaining variety and keeping costs down. This is why eating Greenfilled supplements as part of a healthy, balanced diet is a great solution. Not only are they made in a way which precisely mimics the natural oceanic environment where marine phytoplankton and microalgae grow, but the whole process is transparent, so you know exactly what it is you’re eating. It’s a cost-effective way to balance your diet, in a delicious and nutritious way!

Prevention is better than cure

You might have heard the expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, it’s true. But not just apples, obviously. You need variety in your diet, but it’s scientifically proven that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is extremely effective at preventing many of the diseases that some with old age. It’s all about improving your future quality of life, today! With the oxidative stress than can occur as part of life’s normal routine, it’s more important than ever to take action by eating foods which will counteract the harmful effects, and products like TetraSOD® are a fantastic way to start.

Think of healthy eating as your own, personal insurance package. Because finding the time to eat healthily can be challenging, it’s essential that you find ways to maximise your nutrition while minimising the effort. And of course, complementing this with a lifestyle that prioritises exercise, fresh air and stress management activities, like yoga and meditation, is a great way to really prevent any future problems from even happening. A healthy, varied diet with a range of greens, fruits and vegetables, high-quality supplements, good exercise and mindful activity is a proven route to success!

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It’s never too late to get started

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey with Greenfilled products, or you’ve been enjoying the benefits for some time, there’s one thing that’s for sure; it’s not too late! Our community all share the values of healthy eating and recognise that there’s never a bad time to start. Investing in your own well-being is an adventure in itself, one which is filled with new discoveries. By taking the step to improve your health in one way opens you up to a whole range of new opportunities. Many say it all started with Greenfilled and before they knew it, they were eating better than ever before.

So, whether it’s a cabbage from the local farmer’s market, a runner-bean from your own allotment, or even some parsley that you grew on your kitchen shelf, remember to eat your greens! Combined with the range of Greenfilled supplements, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle. If you ever have any questions, a member of the Greenfilled team will always be on hand to help and keep you informed on the latest developments. And of course, keep up to date with the latest content on the Greenfilled website and across all of our social media channels. Let’s live well, for less!

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