What can Phytoplankton do for you?

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As our bodies age and as we experience environmental and lifestyle strain, we experience oxidative stress, which is akin to the rust that builds within a finely tuned engine. In our bodies, the stress produces “free radicals,” which, when uncontrolled, are potentially dangerously reactive forms of oxygen that can lead to damage and degenerative of ones tissues. Greenfilled’s formulas are  exceptionally high in Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a group of enzymes present in every healthy cell, that prompts the “dismutation” of dangerous free radicals into safe and healthy molecular oxygen. Scientific research has validated SOD as a master antioxidant that is critical to the healthy function of the body’s natural antioxidant defense systems.

Greenfilled’s synergistic nutritional elements address a range of important health and vitality concerns, from memory and energy to joint function and advanced athletic performance, all in convenient and easy-to-use forms. Consumers of all ages report that when they add Greenfilled’s nutritional products to a human diet, they may often experience mild or even stunning benefits. The most common effect is more energy, faster recovery from physiological stress, and greater resilience. Digestion improves, movement is less painful and the mind can be clear and sharp.

The lifeblood of the ocean is now available as a dietary lifeforce for you, to meet your specific and highest nutritional needs. On every level, what feeds the oceans, now fuels your life.  At Greenfilled™ we’re on a mission to create natural products that help keep you and our planet healthy. 

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