Best ways to improve memory

Memory loss is an increasing concern that has been rising in the last decade, because it deteriorates as years go by. On the other hand, it is also important to be able to maintain and improve memory capacity for daily routines and activities.

If you are looking to improve or strengthen your memory capacity, there are some series of tips that will help you. Keep reading the post!

How to improve memory

1. Getting a good night’s sleep

Brains need rest in order to function optimally. For your brain to be healthy, you will need between 7-9 hours of sleep per day. During this period of time, the brain recovers from the day’s activity, produces hormones, restores brain neurotransmitters and forms myelin, the insulating material for nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Sleeping too few hours affects the hippocampus, the section of the brain associated with memory and learning ability. 

Have a good sleep routine, let’s dream!

2. Managing stress

Stress is the enemy of the hippocampus, because it destroys the brain cells that are involved in the generation of new memories and the maintenance of old ones. 

It is important not to procrastinate and leave all your tasks for the last moment. By this manner you will avoid getting stressed at the last minute. It is also advisable not to do too many tasks at the same time, not to overload yourself with work.

Setting realistic and achievable expectations taking into account free time is essential, so as not to take on too many responsibilities. 

3. Frequent laughing

Laughing releases endorphins and serotonins, also known as “happiness hormones”, which makes you feel better. Laughing modifies neuronal activity, specifically brain waves and thus improves memory.

Additionally, laughter not only has benefits at a physical level, but also at a psychological level.

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improve memory

4. Memory training

How can you train your memory? It’s easy. You have been doing it forever. Since childhood you have been constantly developing and learning, but if you don’t work on it constantly, you lose mental strength.

You often have to stimulate your brain, so that it constantly faces new challenges. 

Nowadays there are a multitude of applications and activities that help to increase your concentration, retention and resolution capacity.

An example of mental activities that stimulate brain activity is solving Sudoku puzzles, but if you are not much of a number cruncher, you can choose to read regularly.

5. Meditation

Meditating contributes to a greater sense of well-being, it is a good option to improve memory, promotes concentration, relieves symptoms of stress and helps maintain optimal brain health as the years go by.

Studies say that even 10 minutes of meditation a day can influence and impact your brain activity, decreasing the likelihood of your mind wandering.

“Meditation offers the perfect cure. By helping us let go of our thoughts, it makes our mind as clean and pure as a blank sheet of paper” said Dr Prem Jagyasi.

ways to improve memory

6. Take care of your diet

Food is so important because it directly influences our body and it can improve memory

It is proven that nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, provide many benefits that delay the aging of our neurons, providing phosphorus, Omega-3 from algae oils or fish oils, vitamin E and B vitamins.

Another example of food that is a friend of our neurons is dark chocolate, and this product contains antioxidant properties and flavonoids. If you go for a bar of dark chocolate, make sure it has a high percentage of cocoa, not just 50% cocoa.

Another option is to opt for specialized supplements for memory improvement and maintenance of brain functions.

How to improve short-term memory 

Short-term memory is that which stores immediate information, such as a person’s name. It has a limited capacity. Here you have some tips to improve short-term memory:

  • Pay attention

Many times you do not retain information because you are not paying 100% of your attention, sure it has happened to you. 

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Other times the lack of attention may be due to multitasking, so attention will be divided.

  • Mental games

There are many mobile games that train short-term memory, such as games where you have to remember an order, or even memorizing digits. This is an amazing and useful technique to improve memory.

  • Mnemonic resources

These are techniques where you associate elements with words, images or phrases. For example, there is the “rule of initials” where you choose the first letters of words and create another word from them.

Another famous method is that of “the story”, in this case, you try to build a story with the elements to be memorized.

How to improve long-term memory 

Long-term memory is that which stores information that requires greater concentration or effort, such as when studying for an exam. Here you have some tips to improve long-term memory:

  • Repetition

The more you repeat what you have already stored in your brain, the longer it will remain in your brain. Through repetition, the prefrontal cortex will become stronger.

“We become what we repeatedly do” said Sean Covey.

  • Write

Writing by hand is proven to help with retention of information and facts, this is because the information is processed and restructured in your own words.

Handwriting creates more brain activity that promotes learning and memory.

  • “The Pygmalion effect of memory”.

Constantly people tend to tell themselves that they have a bad memory and will not be able to retain any information that can last more than a couple of days.

In psychology, this is called “The Golem Effect”, it is based on the fact that if no one believes in you, your performance will be worse. 

Consequently, you must work on self-esteem and confidence.

Obviously, working on short or long term memory is not easy, but by following a routine, you will surely become a mastermind. Do you desire to improve memory capacity? It is never too late, start today!

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