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The perfect marine phytoplankton supplement to sustain a healthy memory, critical thinking ability and overall cognitive well-being.

living away from water is exhausting

An enhanced blend that gives you a kind boost to make it through the day while regulating your body’s response to stress.


A simple and effective marine phytoplankton supplement that enhances your performance and makes you feel more energized, no matter if you’re grinding through a tough workout, pushing your cardio max, or just hitting your 10,000 steps daily goal.

we're ocean and planet friendly

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Recycled water
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Greenfilled is on a mission to create natural products and offer marine phytoplankton supplements, that help keep you and our planet healthy! That’s why all you’ll find in the products are scientifically researched active ingredients from vegetable origin, which come from sustainable and regenerative sources.

We are also committed to use a portion of our profits to support ocean cleanup. It’s the least we can do in honor of all life and the oceans that provide us with so much, because they’re an essential part of who we are as well.


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Marine phytoplankton supplements are supplements made of marine nutrients. It has been proven to have the ability to strengthen immune system and its regeneration properties, on most of the cases. 

Marine phytoplankton supplements are very complete and full of nutritive components as fiber, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, proteins… among others.

Some of its benefits are: regeneration, prevention of diseases, strenthening the immune system, antioxidant properties… and more that you can find out on this post.  

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