Marine Phytoplankton Supplement Store

Each of our natural phytoplankton supplements has a unique blend of ingredients to help you stay your healthiest. You can combine any or all of our products to experience a wide range of benefits.

Natural Phytoplankton Dietary Supplement Store

At Greenfilled, we’re on a mission to create natural phytoplankton dietary supplements that help keep you, and our planet, healthy! That’s why all you’ll find in our products are active ingredients that come from sustainable, and regenerative green sources.

As the world’s resources deplete, we wanted to make sure our products are environmentally responsible and give you the maximum health benefit. We did it thanks to our range of Phytoplankton Dietary Supplements.

Our key active ingredient, TetraSOD®, obtained from marine phytoplankton, fulfills this goal – it’s powerful, green, and sustainable. More than this – our algae actually sequesters carbon and helps heal the planet.

Natural Supplements

When we began our search for a powerful nutrient to keep you healthy, we decided to look to the place where all life began—the ocean.

What we found is a highly nutritious microscopic organism called phytoplankton. This was the nutritional powerhouse we had been searching to offer you one of the most interesting options in the world of natural food supplements.

Phytoplankton Dietary Supplements Properties

When we decided to include TetraSOD® in our phytoplankton dietary supplements, we also decided to go one step further. Increase the potential of all our supplements and at the same time be the strictest in caring for our planet.

We paired the power of phytoplankton with other active, clinically-validated plant-based ingredients such as Omega-3, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Ashwagandha, Curcumin, and Boswellia Serrata among others.

All of this to bring you a portfolio of products targeting a wide range of health benefits as:

  • Memory
  • Energy
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-aging
  • Joint
  • Cardio

Environmentally friendly dietary supplement

Furthermore, we wanted to bring you our natural dietary supplements to you without disturbing or depleting the ocean’s delicate ecosystem.

Phytoplankton is the foundation of the ocean’s food chain and responsible for producing over 50% of the oxygen we breathe. In fact, phytoplankton sequesters more carbon than all other agents combined, neutralizing CO2, the main culprit of climate change.

That’s why we don’t harvest our phytoplankton from the ocean. We grow it on land in our eco-friendly, sustainable facilities, cultivating the most bioactive, nutrient rich phytoplankton on earth.

At Greenfilled we have found a way to offer you a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly dietary supplement.