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living away from water is exhausting

Phytoplankton-based energy supplements have an effectiveness that will surprise you. These energy supplements are able to give you all the energy you will need in a day, no matter how hectic it is. Just one pill in the morning and you’ll feel like new all day long.

Being made up of only natural elements your body will be rewarded in multiple ways. This means that not only will it help you get that energy boost, but your oxidative stress levels will be reduced and you’ll stay young much longer.

The perfect way to take care of both your present and future body, is thanks to TetraSOD®, our key ingredient to healthy aging, and Ashwagandha, one of the most common adaptogens from Ayurveda.

Our natural energy supplement is a powerful blend that gives you a kind boost to make it through the day while regulating your body’s response to stress.

A single pill of our natural energy supplement in the morning gives you a gentle energy boost that can help you start your day off like a dolphin rather than a turtle.

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trusted by humans

Michelle N.

Fitness consultant

"At 56, after only 30 days taking Greenfilled, I feel both calmer and more mentally sharp than did in my 30’s!"

Jonathan F.


"I have only been taking Greenfilled for a month and the truth is that I feel less muscle fatigue with the load of training that I have done. I notice a better recovery, my legs hurt less."

Alberto C.


"I came across Greenfilled a couple of years ago and it was so good for me that I continue taking it every day… I am convinced that its antioxidant power helps me to stop the effects of the steps of time and face life with that vitality that characterizes me.”

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The perfect supplement to sustain a healthy memory, critical thinking ability and overall cognitive well-being.

Our natural energy supplement is perfect for:

  • ✅Situations where your energy levels are low
  • ✅When you are feeling down
  • ✅When your mind is not clear
  • ✅When you just feel exhausted

ENERGY is a TETRASOD blended supplement that promotes mental clarity, energy and accelerates post-training recovery. Thanks to our 

Greenfilled energy supplements work towards one key goal: energy boost!

What feeds the oceans, now fuels your life.


Among our ingredients we have Ashwagandha for energy boost, blended with Tetrasod and other components. 

Why is Ashwagandha an energy boost? It is one medicinal herb used in India, and it helps to enhance body fatigue with mental stress. 

Several studies have shown that Ashwagandha has energy boost benefits, as it improved peoples’ stress and anxiety, by providing extra energy to many activities.

When we set out to find a natural solution, we turned to the primordial ocean. On phytoplankton, we found an antioxidant power and for that reason, we created Greenfilled’s energy supplement. While we are protecting the ecosystem, we are helping you to age well and reach an optimal physical and mental state.

When to take phytoplankton energy supplements?

While there is no specific time to take your energy supplement, we will recommend certain things that I think can help you. We never forget to drink our coffee or tea, even if we are not short of energy 😉.

You can take the energy phytoplankton supplements when:

  • You notice that you arrive tired at the end of the day.
  • You lack the energy for certain activities
  • You want to work or study, but you can’t find the strength to do so.
  • You would like to feel energized during the day
  • You get tired easily
  • You want a natural supplement to energize you
  • You are physically or mentally worn out
  • You are at an advanced age
  • You are an athlete or play sports regularly (3 times a week)
  • You are under constant stress

What does the energy supplement do in our body?

Our body is fatigued when we make efforts, that is, every minute you go without ingesting energy of some kind (food, sugars, supplements, etc.) you will be consuming what is left in your body. Energy supplements give your body the energy supply you need to recover from fatigue.

These supplements will be useful at all levels. That is, if you are an athlete you will recover your muscles for the next workout and if you simply need that energy boost so that during the day you can perform, you will also get it from the Greenfilled energy supplement.

The best thing about these energy supplements is that you will only have to take one capsule in the morning, as if it were a coffee, to perform at 100% for the rest of the day.

Are there any adverse effects?

As these are 100% natural phytoplankton supplements, they have no negative effects. Even so, the ideal is not to gorge on them, since the capsules are designed so that a single capsule in the morning fills you with energy for the whole day.

Similarly, if you have questions or want to consult us on any specific topic, do not hesitate to do so in our contact

How to take energy supplements

Once a day, in the morning, accompanied by a balanced breakfast or simply with water will be enough to give you the energy you need throughout the day.

If you have a period of higher stress or if you need a couple of capsules for a specific moment, you could take one in the morning and one in the afternoon to distribute the energy provided by the supplements.

The doses will depend on your level of muscle fatigue, your physical activity, your age and your weight, but, as a general rule, for everyone, one capsule will be perfect.

How many capsules are in a Greenfilled supplement pack?

All of our dietary supplement boxes contain 30 capsules, which means you spend less than a dollar a day to be healthier and have much more energy. It’s cheaper than coffee and all-natural.

Since it is a product preserved in capsules, it will not expire in a few days, but can last in perfect condition for months so you can have more than one box in your pantry if you need it.

All of our supplements can be taken together to give your body a better performance, so we encourage you to check out the rest of our phytoplankton supplements.

What happens if I forget to take Energy?

Absolutely nothing. Except that you’ll notice that day that you didn’t take the supplement that energized you. In other words, Greenfilled does not produce drugs that you have to take constantly, but gives you what you need for as long as you need it.

Although we advise you to take our energy supplements daily, it will not break any treatment if one day you can not. Don’t worry and the next day you can take it again as normal.