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Mobility and oxidative stress have a special relationship. Articular tissues and their degeneration are frequently the first indicator for most adults that their body is no longer as young and vital as they wish. JOINT addresses the questions of joint wellness with a balanced, multi-pathway approach using TetraSOD®, Turmeric root extract, Boswellia Serrata extract with supportive nutrients. JOINT contains active ingredients that address various mechanisms that support the wellbeing of connective tissue, collagen, and cartilage.

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Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate), Manganese (as manganese sulfate), Curcumin (Curcuma longa extract), Boswellia serrata extract, Black Pepper extract, and TetraSOD® (Superoxide Dismutase from phytoplankton).


Curcumin comes from turmeric, originally a popular spice used in India & South Asia, and now a global superstar in the botanical community, with hundreds of published clinical trials extolling is role in maximizing vitality. This pungent deep yellow root is staple of Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient healing tradition of India as well as traditional systems of wellness from Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, and other people who have experienced this complex and powerful plant. Turmeric pigments are called curcuminoids. Extracts rich in these compound can alleviate the symptoms of pain and swelling in the joints making it a healthy alternative to painkillers without the side effects long-term use of painkillers can cause, like damage to the kidneys and an increased risk of stomach ulcers and bleeding. Further these curcuminoids support healthy cellular processes that reduce expression of messenger compounds associated with pain, swelling and tissues degeneration. .

Boswellia Serrata Extract

Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is an herbal extract taken from the Boswellia serrata tree found in India, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. It has a long history of use, for example, in religious ceremonies and for perfume production and its medicinal properties are renowned. Extracts of the gummy oleoresin from it have been traditionally used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine as an astringent, stimulant, expectorant, and antiseptic, and most importantly to help with mobility and joint health. Recently, the pharmacological properties and clinical effectiveness of Boswellia serrata have been studied systematically to find its benefits on joint-related health challenges.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper contains the bioactive compound piperine, an alkaloid like capsaicin, the active component in chili powder and cayenne pepper. It is a bioavailability enhancer that facilitates enhanced nutrient uptake and absorption. Black Pepper and Long Pepper both contain piperine. The traditional use of these precious pungent seeds were used to relieve nausea, headaches and poor digestion, but also to season foods. Currently it popular for its ability to boost the absorption of curcumin (something that was not lost in millenia old systems of botanical medicine making).


TetraSOD® is the most complete and comprehensive ingredient in the healthy aging nutraceutical category. It also offers athletes and individuals with active lifestyles an increased physiological response against oxidative stress to aid performance and recovery, all in a small, concentrated dose. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is the “master antioxidant” that is the first essential enzyme in the antioxidant pathway creating a powerful shield against oxidative stress. TetraSOD® is the most concentrated SOD source on the market, with science-backed efficacy on activating the antioxidant response pathway in human cells.


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