Phytoplankton Part 2: Pay it Forward

Promoting Wellness for the Future as well as Vibrancy Today

We’ve talked about the way Phytoplankton, and specifically Marine Phytoplankton promotes anti-aging by reducing the detrimental outcomes of oxidative stress.

Now we’ll take the topic a little further by delving into the deeper aspects of Superoxide Dismutase – the component of nutrient-rich Phytoplankton like the variety found in Greenfilled supplements based on Tetra-SOD®, which is especially well suited to support future health while also contributing to vibrance and optimal wellbeing every day.

In a nutshell, Tetra-SOD® acts as what scientists call a “super antioxidant.” As the key ingredient in Greenfilled ANTIOX, TetraSOD contains high levels of Super Oxide Dismutase, which is an enzyme that helps to manage oxidative stress in the body and may prevent the effects of excessive cellular oxidation that increases the rate of biochemical aging.

Peer-reviewed scientific studies have linked more than 200 chronic diseases to oxidative stress. These include cardiovascular disease, chronic joint pain, cognitive impairment, hearing loss, and infertility. These are future outcomes none of us would want to acquire, giving us a high incentive to manage the oxidative process through healthy diet, exercise, high-quality supplements and restorative sleep.

But beyond future outcomes, it’s important to realize that oxidative stress is also a known culprit behind the everyday “blahs” so many of us experience day to day, and particularly in the midst of life stressors. These affects may take the form of headaches, frequent fatigue, allergies, and digestive upset.

By doing all we can to influence the factors that can reduce cell oxidation and its impact on the body, phytoplankton supplements play a dual role by addressing these factors for the future while also helping manage the factors that affect the way we act and feel day to day.

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In this way, supplements that contain phytoplankton, and especially the high quality and antioxidant-rich forms of this supplement, address the root cause of all of these health conditions rather than simply attempting to manage the symptoms. This means the body can actually use its innate power and mechanisms to prevent many illnesses and promote optimal health.

Interestingly, the best indications of phytoplankton’s benefits come from the mouths of its users. People of all ages and levels of health who take phytoplankton supplements have reported moderate or even complete relief from conditions they’ve struggled in their lifetime, including insomnia, arthritis, heartburn, high blood pressure, depression, and fibromyalgia. Many of these same individuals also note its ability to noticeably an increase their energy, mood, and sense of well-being.

For many, phytoplankton can be an ideal one, two punch: Protection for your future health along with wellness benefits you can enjoy every day.

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