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Marine Nutrients: What’s the value?

Which are the best marine nutrients? Are marine nutrients vegan? What are they good for? And what are the environmental impacts of marine nutrients? When it comes to your health and wellbeing, there’s literally an ocean of questions out there. But it’s important to remember that production methods differ and getting your marine nutrients direct from a clean, transparent source is important in many ways. With Greenfilled products, everything is pure and traceable. You always know exactly what’s inside your supplements. It’s how we’ve always done things.

Because we believe greater knowledge means a happier, healthier world.

This blog is all about getting the facts straight about marine nutrients, because there’s a lot of information out there and sometimes, it can be hard to cut through the noise. And of course, you can cross-reference all this in the leading scientific journals, because at Greenfilled we take an academic, peer-reviewed approach to everything we publish. And as part of our community, we always appreciate feedback and insight, because together we all become more informed.

Which are the best?

Marine nutrients come primarily from marine algae. Known as phytoplankton, these microscopic marine life are found in oceans all around the world. They are a ‘primary producer’ which sit at the very heart of the global, oceanic food chain. These phytoplankton are rich in minerals like calcium, iodine, iron and also vitamins like A, B1,  B6, E and K. Further to this, these nutrients are easily digestible, high in omega-3 fatty acids, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and marine lipids, essentially good fats that improve healthy heart and brain function.

One marine nutrient, astaxanthin, is particularly efficient at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as improving immune function. And then there’s marine collagen peptides, which are proteins that promote skin elasticity, for a more youthful appearance! These nutrients improve circulation and are vital to the formation of healthy bones and teeth. Really, the health benefits of these fantastic nutrients are far too wide to list!

Vegan marine nutrients

So, are marine nutrients vegan? Well not quite. You see, some marine nutrients come from marine fish and crustacean oils, so they aren’t strictly vegan. However, marine nutrients from algae are 100% plant-based. Therefore, nutrients from this source make them entirely suitable for vegans!  Of course, this assumes that this produce hasn’t been contaminated in some way. This is almost impossible to guarantee, particularly if those nutrients are harvested from a wild, oceanic environment. This is where the Greenfilled approach is better for vegans.

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Greenfilled uses bioreactors and this is much safer for our customers. It also means we can say that categorically, our products are 100% vegan, whereas a lot of other supplement companies can’t make the same claim. Because to call something vegan means guaranteeing full traceability, and with anything derived from the ocean this just can’t be the case. To all intents and purposes, the entire system is sterile and essentially self-cleaning too! It’s pure phytoplankton, harvested with love!

marine nutrients

What are marine nutrients good for?

The value of marine nutrients is almost endless. From supporting healthy bones and teeth, to improving muscular performance, marine nutrients are great for the heart and promoting mental wellbeing too! For example, marine lipids can actually improve your metabolism. Plus, marine amino acids can improve appetite control so you don’t feel as hungry between meals. All of these aspects contribute to a happier, healthier you! It’s about building these support systems into your everyday lifestyle.

The key benefit of marine nutrients is also down to the fact that they are allergen free. This is particularly relevant for those individuals who might be allergic or sensitive to eggs, milk, shellfish and peanuts, making them  a great alternative for a wide range of different people. Marine nutrients are also far easier to absorb by the body and are often considered superior to terrestrial versions. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting your greens on-land, it’s just a question of efficiency.

Environmental impact of marine nutrients

Quite simply, marine nutrients have a much smaller environmental impact than their land-grown counterparts. There’s an argument that, for those grown in open ocean systems, there’s no need for deforestation or natural habitat destruction. When these nutrients are harvested from a marine environment, there are range of environmental impacts. For example, hydrocarbon based transportation causes marine pollution which has long term effects on marine life.

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With Greenfilled products, this just isn’t the case. Every part of the process is sustainable so Greenfilled products reduce your carbon footprint! They also absorb CO2 as they’re growing our phytoplankton, which helps combat marine acidification caused by excess atmospheric CO2. Plus, they’re 100% organic, eliminating fertilisers, pesticides and genetic modification too. Delicious, nutritious and responsibly sourced! It’s the only way this process should happen and it’s what sets us apart!

How to buy your tailored supply

It’s clear that Greenfilled marine nutrients are the way to go, if you’re looking to support your healthy lifestyle in a sustainable, vegan friendly way. And what’s so great is the convenience and financial benefits too. For instance, you can save over 50% of the cost of your supplements if you buy it as a bundle. Just check out the Marine Phytoplankton Supplement Store for more details on how you can maximise your marine nutrient intake, without breaking the bank. It’s all about keeping it easy!

And as ever, Greenfilled is a community. We’re all on a journey of discovery, in terms of our personal lifestyles and aspirations towards healthier living. Because we know, there’s no particular time to start. It’s a benefit that we all have a right to access, at any point in life. This means there’s always someone in the community who you can talk to about the best way to introduce Greenfilled products into your lifestyle. Just reach out on our social media channels, and someone will be happy to help!

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