Phytoplankton-A Sustainably Sourced Marine Superfood

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What is Phytoplankton? And Why is It So Important?

 Marine phytoplankton is the plentiful and natural microalgae that serve as the foundation of the ocean’s food chain. They are similar to terrestrial plants in that they contain chlorophyll and require sunlight to live and grow. But this is only the beginning: They produce 50% of the oxygen we breath. Phytoplankton are the primordial first life form on the planet and have been adapting and surviving for eons amidst a dynamic array of challenges. This natural intelligence is now bioavailable to us as Greenfilled®.

For human nutrition, phytoplankton is a superior superfood, with a nutritional profile of more than 55 minerals, vitamins and nutritional components including carotenoids, phenolics and bioactive enzymes. According to scientific literature, it also contains a “master antioxidant” with the ability to help support optimal function in the face biochemical and oxidative stress. Greenfilled’s patent-protected TetraSOD® can aid in the neutralization of “free radical” oxygen molecules, that when uncontrolled can lead to tissue degradation and less than optimal function of our cells and body systems.

The TetraSOD® in Greenfilled’s supplements comes from the cultivation of a novel, patented form of Tetraselmis chuii, through a sustainable and controlled process that actually sequesters carbon dioxide while never exposing the growing algae to environmental contaminants, a risk with wild harvest or outdoor farming. This minimally processed and pure algae-based ingredient coupled with  carefully selected ingredients of plant origin are the foundation of each of the company’s sophisticated nutritional formulas, each optimized for specific body systems, providing complementary support.

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