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Lifestyle check: Get back to basics, feel more alive

There are many ways we can all help save our planet through our basic lifestyle; walk instead of drive, recycle, shop local and consume just a bit less meat in your diet. In fact, just consume less. Every little helps. A lot helps more. But lifestyle doesn’t stop there. It’s about our basic nutrition, the exercise we take, plus the way we view the world and the people around us. A sustainable future is in reach for us all. It’s just about making those small choices which add up to big change. By looking after your health and the health of the planet, you’ll feel more alive than you ever thought possible.

Many of us can feel overwhelmed and overworked, which is why we need to get back to basics; our basic nutrition, exercise and outlook on life. We have to look at the way we see the world, and how it affects all of us. As much as we want to live a ‘normal’ life, there are still so many things that need to change for humankind on a global scale. We must look after ourselves first, in order to have the energy to help others. The way we feel about each other and ourselves can change the world. When we think of sustainability, it has to be about our personal wellbeing too.

So, what are the basics of a good lifestyle?

In a world that’s witnessed the worst pandemic for 100 years, it’s probably fair to say that looking after your health is up there with the top priorities. The advice has got to be what any good doctor would tell you, right? Exercise, drink less alcohol, eat more fruit and vegetables. Even become a vegetarian or vegan, if you aren’t already. Remember, even our dietary choices affect the environment… and the environment affects our health. We’re all part of the natural order of things, so part of getting back to basics is recognising that we’re part of the bigger picture.

All for one and one for all

Yes, we’re all individuals, but when our basic needs are met, that’s where human potential is truly unleashed. Within each of us lies the power to create a better world, for everyone. Getting back to basics isn’t just about food and exercise though. We need to recognise that there are other factors involved as well, factors which go hand in hand with taking care of your own health. So, what are these factors and how can we all work together to create a positive change?

People, planet and positivity

As well as being about the planet, health and wellbeing is also about the people around us; our local communities, friends and families. And more relevant than ever, it’s about respecting diversity. Each factor is equally important in creating a sustainable future for us all. Health and wellbeing doesn’t discriminate. It’s not just about the privileged few, it’s about all of us. This is made easier if we spend quality time with the people that we love and accept that some problems are bigger than us as individuals. We have to pull together to make big things happen, and that can come down to our lifestyle.

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Of course, health and wellbeing involves living sustainably; recycling, reusing when we can, using less energy and cooking from scratch with local produce where possible. Health and wellbeing is also about looking after your body; eating fresh fruit and  vegetables, drinking plenty of water, getting regular exercise and enough sleep, all of which also contributes to your mental wellbeing. It’s easy to overlook this last point, but reducing worry and stress is absolutely key to the whole virtuous cycle. If you feel better about yourself, you’ll feel better about the world.

Got a gut feeling about the importance of diet?

Studies say that at least 80% of our immune system is in the gut, which is why eating healthy ‘probiotic’ foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi are so important. It seems that our digestive systems affect everything in our bodies, including our mood and mental wellbeing. When it comes to diet, most of us have been brought up on the idea that ‘you are what you eat’. But if we’re taking advice from official dietary guidelines, you can see why so many of us are out of balance with regard to food. Although a varied diet is essential for good health, sometimes it’s not easy to follow the advice. And there’s a lot of information out there when it comes to diet and the associated lifestyle.

Flexibility of lifestyle in a maze of choice

Is it really possible to eat so many different types of fruit and vegetables each day? Do you have to be vegetarian or vegan? The truth is that there’s no one right way to eat, even when it comes to good health. Health is about the individual and their lifestyle. In a world that’s changing so rapidly, the diet guidelines change too. The key is not being dogmatic about what you believe to be true, but rather having an open mind and staying flexible enough to adapt. A sustainable diet and lifestyle is about balance, taking into account your own personal needs and circumstances. 

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It’s for this reason that having Greenfilled on your side is so useful. It’s all about flexible, powerful nutrition in a way that’s right for you! No pressure. Just quality, tailored products.

When you’re smiling, the world smiles with you

One of the best things about Greenfilled is the community and the fact we are all about positive thinking! Being happy and hopeful just makes you more, well… healthy. That’s a fact. Health is not something that we often associate with having fun, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Being happy and a part of something like the Greenfilled community is arguably the very best medicine out there. In many ways, health is a positive action in itself, so when you’re feeling good on the inside and out, your whole world looks a lot more positive. And when you feel good, good things start to happen.

So, let’s bring back the basics of what it means to be healthy and start feeling more alive today. You’ll notice that even small lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your life, from the way you feel to how the people around you see you. Health is all about looking after yourself in body and mind, for others as well as yourself. If you like this content and agree, drop us a message on our social media channels. We’d love to catch up on Twitter and Facebook, just send us a comment and we’ll get back to you! And be sure to check out the other great content on our website. Remember, if you have any questions whatsoever, the Greenfilled team will always be on hand to help and keep you informed. Peace out!

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