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Greenfilled has a product that fits your lifestyle and needs. With 6 different formulations to choose from.

All these personal experiences of athletes, of different conditions and levels, serve as a clear example to show that the product that TetraSOD® puts in your hands works, and that it can also help you improve your health, as well as your sports performance.

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Practicing law can be incredibly stressful with long hours and a lot of responsibility. As a wellness coach for lawyers I help my clients find ways to reduce physical and psychological stressors so they can continue to thrive. I already exercise and eat a healthy diet, but Perform took it to another level.

At 56, after only 30 days taking  Greenfilled PERFORM, I feel both calmer and more mentally sharp than did in my 30’s!

Thank you Greenfilled!”

Michelle N

Attorney and  Fitness Consultant
Miami FL
Nov 23, 2020

I came across TetraSOD® – PERFORM a couple of years ago as part of a testing program to assess its effects on athletic performance and it was so good for me that I continue taking it every day… I am convinced that its antioxidant power helps me to stop the effects of the steps of time and face life with that vitality that characterizes me. There are many who ask me if that energy and desire to do different activities, is it because I am taking something different? I tell them that in addition to training, taking good care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally, eating properly and getting enough rest, I’m sure that TetraSOD® helps me with everything else.”

Multisport athlete and sports technician trainer.

Alberto C. K.

Tudela, Spain
Dec 15, 2020

“I have only been taking TetraSOD® – PERFORM for a month and the truth is that I feel less muscle fatigue with the load of training that I have done. I notice a better recovery, my legs hurt less”.

Jonatan is an athlete who suffers from the rare disease of Cystic Fibrosis. Practices triathlon for hobby and health. In his competitions and sporting challenges, in addition to setting a great example for everyone, he also contributes to giving a better and greater visibility to this disease.

Jonatan F

Bilbao , Spain
Dec 15, 2020

“This is the second season that I include TetraSOD® – PERFORM as a phyto-nutritional supplement and the truth is that I am delighted. After a few weeks I began to notice that my body recovered much better between workouts (I suppose due to its antioxidant power), something fundamental in our sport, since there are several sessions during the day. Another answer I have felt is that in case of injury I recover earlier, its protective action is very noticeable. And finally, and it is that I cannot highlight any of its benefits compared to another because they are all very important, it would be its ability to improve Vo2máx. Really, when you face very demanding training sessions and take the cardio-respiratory system to the limit, it offers you a great help … ”

Manuel Trijerque Biosca graduated from CCAFYD (INEF) Physical Education High Performance Institute. In addition to being a physical trainer for elite athletes, he has been a triathlon coach since 2011. Has also been a professional soccer player between 1999-2007.

Manuel T. B.

Guadalajara, Spain
Dec 15, 2020

“I have been using TetraSOD® – PERFORM for a couple of months, so I have had time to see what effects it is having on me. When you train six days a week and prepare demanding challenges such as a marathon or an ultra-distance test, it is very important that recovery is optimal in order to maintain the level of training. The main effect that I have noticed is that I recover phenomenally, and that after a demanding workout I can continue with the following workouts without feeling tired or heavy …”

Author of the book “You too can be a runner”. Begoña Beristain is also a long-distance runner with 12 marathons contested on her legs, and also the ultra of the 100kms of the Sahara, among many other challenges at the stroke of a running shoe. Besides being a Runnea collaborator, Begoña is also the captain of the Runnea Women Team; Saucony athlete and ambassador of

Begoña B.

Journalist and Runner
Bilbao, Spain
Dec 15, 2020

I have been taking TetraSOD® – PERFORM for just over two weeks, every day fasting, I have noticed a clear decrease in my body fat, which translates into faster times in the race and therefore directly influences my athletic performance. Training for the Seville Marathon 2020 I do at least 120 kilometers a week, and TetraSOD® is helping me to reduce recovery time and get my body ready for the demanding workouts I’m doing. I have also noticed a clear decrease in the pulsations compared to previous preparations, especially the day after a series training, where I used to have them higher than normal due to the effort made, reflecting a faster recovery time and an improvement in my Vo2max, being able to roll at a similar pace with much less effort ”.

A Software engineer and performance athlete with great results and marks. Some of them: 9th place overall in the 2019 Manchester Marathon, time 2.27: 26; and first classified in the Jerez Half Marathon 2019, time of 1.10: 58.

Antonio. M.R.

Jerez, Spain
Dec 15, 2020

My daily work as a writer and journalist is especially demanding and requires high levels of concentration, the Greenfilled ENERGY supplement has been very useful for my performance, so I do not hesitate to recommend it widely. A capsule that offers additional strength from an all-natural source.

Belén G.

Writer and Journalist
Miami FL
Dec 31, 2020

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