10 Ways to combat fatigue, boost your energy

Nowadays, due to the demanding lifestyle that society requires, feeling tired is totally normal, and it is one of the most frequent symptoms. But it is possible to reduce this feeling with certain daily routines, especially focused on energy management, by learning how to combat fatigue.

In this article you will find some recommendations to ensure that you are living your best energized life, and limit the negative impact on your daily life. Don’t let it limit you!

How to combat fatigue? 

1. Rest 

It seems obvious, but a good rest is essential. Our body does not reach a state of exhaustion and this does not interfere with day-to-day activities. 

Your body needs moments of rest to be able to cope with the daily workload. In addition to being constantly exposed to light from digital screens and electronic devices, our quality of sleep can be disrupted.

Sleeping less than the recommended amount can take its toll, the optimal amount of time for an adult would be to sleep between 7-9 hours a day. Optionally, according to many studies, taking a restful nap of 20-30 minutes can combat fatigue, improve the state and performance without getting groggy or interfering with night sleep. 

Another important point is to take care of the place where you rest. You must avoid any external light and sound that may disrupt the rest, also the space should be optimal to fall asleep.

combat fatigue

2. Take care of your diet 

Have you ever heard that we are what we eat? Well, that’s right.

Maintaining a proper diet can work miracles on the body. You need the vitamins and nutrients to optimally function. Therefore, the best thing you can do is construct a balanced diet.

Lack of liquids causes reduced attention, headaches and muscle fatigue, stay well hydrated throughout your day.

Drinking coffee is one of the options that most people contemplate. But it should always be in optimal amounts, abusing it is never good because it can generate a “rebound effect” that causes the opposite effect of the desired one.

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The intake of alcohol or other substances is harmful. As well which can limit your ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

3. Taking supplements 

Very much in line with the previous point, some supplements are complementary to our diet because they contain high levels of vitamins and nutrients that are not reached. 

There are several energy booster supplements that can help you to have an optimal physical performance and at the same time help you to combat fatigue.

4. Exercise 

Exercise to beat fatigue? Definitely. Believe it or not, doing moderate physical activity increases our energy level and endurance capacity. 

Doing some physical activity makes the body generate endorphins, which are beneficial for our body. Therefore makes you feel good and happy. 

Therefore, having an active lifestyle and playing sports increases our sense of happiness and mood.

how to combat fatigue

5. Planning 

A good plan is important to avoid wasting energy in those activities that are dispensable or to avoid wasting time between tasks. It is very important to know your priorities.

You must avoid overcrowding your agenda. We all have 24 hours a day, do not overextend your capabilities. Challenges are fine, but up to a certain point.

Make a daily or weekly plan with real and achievable goals.

6. Maintain good body posture 

It is very normal to suffer muscular pain, as lumbar issues are more frequently experienced by most people.  

The posture that you maintain while sitting is crucial, one must have an upright but relaxed body posture, not overloading our spine.

A good posture helps to combat fatigue, improves breathing, prevents future back and neck problems and muscular, joint or bone ailments.

7. Asking for help 

Asking for help is not a bad thing and does not make you less capable. In fact, people who ask for help are consistent people who know how to look for an alternative. It makes sense to ask for help when you can’t cope with everything.

Divide those tasks that you see necessary to optimize your time and effort. 

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Remember: “Asking for help does not make you weak, it reveals strength, even when you do not feel strong”.

“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help” as Sandeep Jauhar once said.

8. Treat yourself 

Doing activities that you enjoy or you are passionate about helps you heal internally. A person who is happy or motivated is a person who is more productive and copes more easily with the adversities of everyday life.

Don’t let the frenetic pace of society kill what makes you happy. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

9. Learn to say “no” 

On many occasions one is burdened with responsibilities that do not correspond to her, and one assumes as one’s own problems those that are external. You have to learn to say no and get involved in things that do not concern you. 

It is up to you to control or not these situations, and you are the only person who can take control of your life.

Put your health and yourself first, don’t be afraid and don’t feel guilty, it’s all about being assertive and finding a balance.

10. Breathe 

When it comes to breathing, it’s all about taking deep breaths. Deep breaths are “a ramp to relaxation”.

There are many breathing techniques that are based on filling your lungs with more air in order to slow down heart rates to lower anxiety, stress and fatigue levels.

You can look for different breathing routines or tips and apply them when needed.

Final recommendation about how to combat fatigue

If even following these guidelines, you feel fatigue, the best thing to do is to go to the doctor for some tests. Some heart diseases, diabetes, anemia or sleep apnea may be behind that fatigue.

Doctors can help you find out if you suffer from any condition that is limiting you or generating that fatigue. 

We hope this article has been helpful and that you have learned about how to better combat fatigue throughout your day to day life. Eat healthy, rest enough and be happy!

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