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Beyond sustainability, we are green from our very foundation

At Greenfilled, we’re on a mission to create natural products that help keep you, and our planet, healthy! That’s why all you’ll find in our products are scientifically researched active ingredients from vegetable origin, that come from sustainable and regenerative sources.

We obtain our key ingredient, TetraSOD®, from marine phytoplankton, grown at our sustainable farm rather than extracted from the oceans. This means that our phytoplankton is never harvested from the ocean, so marine life still have access to this important food source, and our atmosphere still reaps the benefits of its carbon-filtering properties.
Our controlled process of producing phytoplankton also ensures that it contains extraordinary levels of the most important and widely researched antioxidant enzyme, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), a critical compound found in every healthy cell.

Our thinking even influences our packaging. Using blister cards reduces plastics – a major source or environmental degradation. Our boxes and the printing on them come from PEFC Certified sources ( https://www.pefc.org/ ) selected for minimal resource degradation.

We are also committed to use a portion of our profits to support ocean cleanup to honor the source of our Hero Ingredient – and life itself.

The Greenfilled Dietary Supplement in Energy is amazing! I took one pill daily and I could tell a huge difference from before I started taking it. I was more focused throughout the day and felt like I had more energy regardless of how much sleep I got the night before. I lift weights and I also noticed that I wasn’t as sore and recovered quicker. I am looking forward to trying more products from Greenfilled as I like how they offer different supplements that are tailored to your needs!
— Brittany Zumach – Burlington, KY

Our mision:

To help you live your best and healthiest life

Our mission is simple: to maximize the vitality, strength and well-being that can help you to live your best and healthiest life. When we searched the world for a natural solution to this challenge, we turned to the place where life began—the primordial ocean. This is where we found phytoplanktons that serve as the foundation of the oceans’ nutrition and specifically Tetraselmis chuii, the unique and special species that expresses an astonishing level of antioxidant power.

What does that mean for you?

While free radicals are essential for human immune function and are a by-product of energy production and normal metabolism, an excess of these reactive compounds results in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs in response to the natural processes of living but can accelerate in response to less-than-ideal nutrition, and lifestyle and environmental stresses and challenges. When the body’s natural immune responses can no longer counterbalance the oxidative stress in our bodies, it is akin to the rust that invades a fine-tuned mechanical engine. In our bodies, it accelerates tissue damage and degradation, reduces energy, and leads to accelerated aging.

Worse still, an inability to balance the oxidative stress in our bodies allows for both chronic and uncontrolled inflammatory responses, this type of inflammation is not supportive of healthy immune responses or healthy tissue and is associated with many significant health challenges. Clearly, doing all that we can to maintain balance is critical.

This balance is accomplished through the foundation of our products, TetraSOD®.


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What feeds the oceans, now fuels your life.

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Take care of yourself with the benefits of phytoplankton.
All the vitamins and nutrients you need in a easy to take format.

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Take care of yourself with the benefits of phytoplankton.
All the vitamins and nutrients you need in a easy to take format.

Take a look :)