What feeds the oceans, now fuels your life.

Creating a healthy future for all.

Beyond sustainability, we are green from our very foundation

At Greenfilled, we’re on a mission to create natural products that help keep you, and our planet, healthy! That’s why all you’ll find in our products are active ingredients that come from sustainable, and regenerative green sources.

We obtain our key ingredient, TetraSOD®, from marine phytoplankton that fulfills this goal. It is powerful, green, sustainable and, in addition, it sequesters the carbon dioxide from the air and increases and sustains the supply of pure oxygen and balance in the atmosphere for our planet. Beyond neutral – it is Good!

The lifeblood of the ocean is
the new secret for optimal health.

The Mighty Phytoplankton

When we began our search for a powerful nutrient to keep you healthy, we decided to look to the place where all life began—the ocean. This is where we found the highly nutritious microscopic organism called phytoplankton, which is the foundation of the ocean’s food supply and responsible for producing over 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe. In fact, phytoplankton sequesters more carbon than all other agents combined, neutralizing CO2, the main culprit of climate change.

This was the discovery we’d been searching for. To bring it to you without disturbing or depleting the ocean’s delicate ecosystem, we grow our phytoplankton on land, in eco-friendly and sustainable facilities to produce the most bioactive, nutrient rich phytoplankton on earth. We call it TetraSOD®.

We combine the power of TetraSOD® with other active, clinically-validated and plant-based ingredients including Algae derived Omega-3, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Ashwagandha, Curcumin, Boswellia Serrata and others to bring you a portfolio of products targeting a wide range of health benefits.

Powered by TetraSOD®, the resulting formulations support optimal vitality and lay the foundation for a healthy future by protecting your body from excessive oxidative stress, allowing you to thrive and age gracefully, with vigor, and with support for the nutritional balance that provides you with optimal protection from uncontrolled inflammation and oxidative overload.

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The “master antioxidant” that protects your good health.

TetraSOD® provides and supports your most comprehensive and powerful internal antioxidant enzyme and shields against oxidative stress, which supports your vigor and strength as you age. That’s why TetraSOD® is the foundation of all Greenfilled products.

TetraSOD® comes from phytoplankton, an organism that uses the sun’s photons as an energy source, a process that gains its super power from exposure to large quantities of oxygen and free radicals. To survive, this plentiful microorganism has built a powerful antioxidant system that has been strengthened over millions of years. The result is the “master antioxidant” abilities that TetraSOD® is able to capture for your optimal health.

TetraSOD® is the master antioxidant shield that supports robust health and well-being at every age.