Best herbs and supplements for blood circulation

Many do not know it, but it is highly recommended to make use of herbs and supplements for blood circulation, because the latter plays a very important role in the functioning of the body, since it is through the blood that the transport of oxygen, nutrients and some substances required by the cells to work in excellent conditions.

Causes, symptoms and consequences of poor circulation

Poor blood circulation is usually due to factors such as chronic stress, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diabetes mellitus, diets rich in saturated fats, smoking, cardiovascular disease, wearing tight-fitting clothing, high cholesterol levels.

There are some symptoms that may indicate poor circulation such as a constant feeling of tiredness, wounds that heal late, cold extremities, fragile nails and hair, varicose veins and spider veins, heaviness and pain in the joints, tingling and cramps, bluish skin color, swollen extremities and even memory and concentration problems

It is important to detect poor circulation and act in time, since in case of any obstruction that prevents the passage of cells, risky diseases may occur.

For these reasons, it is advisable to stay active, exercise with a healthy diet, as well as use some herbs and supplements for circulation. 


Excellent herbs and supplements for blood circulation


This is one of the best known supplements for circulation, its infusion or drink (a teaspoon of this dried plant in a cup of hot water), provides a disinflammatory effect. Therefore, it is used to relieve tired legs, as well as for hemorrhoids.

Grape and orange supplement

This is an ideal combination for toning veins, as the orange is rich in vitamin C and the grape is rich in flavonoids.

Ginkgo Biloba 

The use of Gingko Biloba as a herb for blood circulation is very useful to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases since they have a high content of flavonoids that strengthen the veins. Additionally, they prevent clots from forming.

In case of arterial obstructions it can be combined with hawthorn, in the case of varicose veins it is combined with yarrow, and with ginger when it comes to cold extremities.

Radish and carrot

The combination of these two ingredients is extraordinary to for the blood circulation of your extremities, because both are rich in enzymes that help improve circulation, especially radish, which combined with the carrot, which also provides fiber, increases the elimination of liquids.

Beet with parsley

Beet has natural nitrates that dilate blood vessels and when combined with parsley, which is an anti-inflammatory with a high content of vitamin C and luteolin, makes this infusion an ideal blood purifier and rich in antioxidants.


Nettle infusion is an excellent supplement for circulation and also for anemia treatments, due to its high iron content. If you combine it with hawthorn and lemon balm, this infusion helps to normalize hypertension, and when combined with royal chaplet and mother wort, it is used to combat varicose veins.

Bitter orange

To make this infusion the flowers of this plant, which are better known as orange blossom, are used to strengthen the capillaries, to combat varicose veins and as a disinflammatory of the ankles. It is also a good relaxant that helps to control anxiety and stress.


Cherries and ginger

It is common to use these herbs for blood circulation, since cherries for its richness in potassium reduce muscle discomfort and cramps, and combined in an infusion with ginger has an analgesic effect, relieving leg pains.

Red vine

This infusion is an excellent vasoprotector and antioxidant because chemically it is composed of flavonoids, tannins and anthocyanins. It is ideal to combat venous insufficiency and strengthens capillaries, and helps to improve spider veins.

Horse Chestnut

This is a wonderful supplement for circulation, the infusion made with its seeds helps to reduce the discomfort caused by venous insufficiency, correcting the functioning of the valves and minimizing inflammation when it comes to varicose veins. Additionally, it helps to combat spider veins and hemorrhoids, due to its high content of escin, which is an active principle.


Ginger is an excellent vasodilator, stimulating the circulatory system, which helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood, it is also widely used in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, as well as to relieve cold feet and hands. 

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The infusion of this plant can be made by grating a little of the root and placing the powder in hot water, it is also available in tincture or capsules.


It is commonly used as a heart stimulant and to improve circulation. Hawthorn infusion helps normalize heart rate and hypertension. It is also used for stomach disorders such as poor digestion or diarrhea.

If you want to get maximum benefit from this herb for blood circulation, you can combine the different presentations in which you can get it on the market, making a decoction of its juice and adding hawthorn tincture.

Green Tea

It is considered by many one of the most appropriate teas or herbs for blood circulation, when consumed it strengthens the entire circulatory system because it is responsible for regenerating the vessels that carry blood throughout the body, and additionally is an excellent antioxidant. Drink one or two cups of this tea a day.


Garlic is one of the most important supplements for circulation, it has excellent properties such as preventing the increase of cholesterol in the blood, it is an anticoagulant par excellence that is beneficial to treat thrombosis and arteriosclerosis

It is also used to treat respiratory infections and colds. It can be ingested in juice, in capsules or eaten raw garlic every morning.


It is a herb that serves to improve blood circulation, has astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. Its use is topical, you should moisten an absorbent cotton in witch hazel distilled with hazelnuts and place it directly on the varicose veins, hemorrhoids and even chilblains.

Linden flowers

They have long been known for their properties to minimize blood circulation problems and to strengthen the arteries. It has components that help to calm stress and control hypertension, relieving headaches caused by high blood pressure. It can be combined with hawthorn and taken as an infusion or tincture.

Now that you know them, do not hesitate to include in your life the best herbs and supplements for blood circulation. The improvements in your health will be more than considerable. Read more health and wellness tips.

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