TetraSOD®, the Ocean’s secret to healthy aging

Our Science Team works together with the oldest creator of life to provide nutrients and solutions. Together, they combine TetraSOD®, the most powerful antioxidant the sea has ever known to help you age healthier.

the secret, now revealed

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The Ocean is full of phytoplankton, (also called microalgae), a microorganism that contributes to keeping the marine ecosystem and the planet in good health.

Phytoplankton contains the SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase) enzyme, a natural antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress. It’s an essential nutrient for the marine ecosystem to age healthily.
Our key ingredient TetraSOD® contains the most powerful and efficient concentration of SOD on the market.

TetraSOD® helps our body fight against oxidative stress caused by environmental and cultural factors such as pollutants in the air or poor diets.

We combine TetraSOD® with a range of organic and natural ingredients to mold our unique formulas

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The perfect supplement to sustain a healthy memory, critical thinking ability and overall cognitive well-being.

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An enhanced blend that gives you a kind boost to make it through the day while regulating your body’s response to stress.

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