10 Benefits of Marine Phytoplankton

Before talking about phytoplankton benefits, not everyone knows that the word “phytoplankton” was coined in 1897 using the Greek words “phyton” meaning “plant” and “planktos” … Read more

The Powerful Health and Anti-Aging Power of Phytoplankton

Science has proven that there is one factor that contributes to how young we look and feel more than any other: oxidative stress

If you’ve ever watched an apple turn brown after you bite into it, you’ve seen oxidative stress in action, and it’s the same process that’s constantly happening in our own bodies and major factor in how we age. There are many factors that cause oxidative stress, many of which are hard to avoid, such as pollutants and toxins, immune responses to everyday bacteria, and the chronic daily stressors of life. While oxidation is an essential process in the body, excessive oxidation is a significant chemical manifestation of biochemical stress and can have negative impacts on the structure and function of our bodies.

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