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The oceans are our greatest hope. It’s thought they hold 96.5% of all of the water on Earth, this watery blue marble we call home. And unfortunately, that home is increasingly under threat. Many scientists think that the oceans are the battleground on which climate change will be fought, so never has it been more important to protect them and the life they contain. Therefore, our commitment to sustainability and transparency is more important today than it’s ever been. We put the environment first and will continue to do everything to improve our business practices, for the good of the planet.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Transparency

What’s important is that our community knows a bit about how we do things. Not just a bit in fact, but everything about the production process and practices.  Because, at Greenfilled, we think that the more everyone knows, the more informed choices we can all make. And of course, when your business is about wellbeing and what we put into our bodies, it’s all more vital that we share what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. For example, did you know we cultivate all of our phytoplankton in specially designed bioreactors at our high-spec biotechnology plant in San Francisco? Pretty neat, huh?

Why using bioreactors is the future

We do this, rather than harvesting from the ocean, because on the one hand it’s much safer for our customers. The natural environment, as we all know, is becoming increasingly polluted. It’s one of the reasons marine phytoplankton is good for you, in combatting many of the ill-effects of heavy metals, radiation, chemicals and pollutants than are in the world today. And by the world, we also mean the oceans. Therefore, rather than risk introducing these pollutants into our products, we replicate ocean conditions in a completely controlled environment. Scientifically speaking, it’s the best approach.

The beauty of this method is in the simplicity. We only need sea water, nutrients, natural sunlight and CO2, otherwise known as carbon dioxide. That’s the greenhouse gas that everyone’s talking about and which everyone is trying to reduce, specifically their ‘carbon footprint’. And the fact is, we are removing lots of it from the environment too. For every metric tonne of microalgae that we produce for our nutrient-filled supplements, we remove 10 metric tonnes of C02 and create oxygen in the same quantity. By buying Greenfilled products, you’re actually helping to tackle climate change.

So, what do we make in our bioreactors?

The science is clear, oxidative stress is damaging. When we talk about oxidative stress, we’re describing the same process as when something rusts. Take your bicycle, for example. Over time, if it’s not cared for; kept clean, serviced and lubricated, then it will fall into disrepair. The brakes might start to fail. The gears will start to stick. The same is true of our bodies. Enter TetraSOD® – the core ingredient in Greenfilled products. It’s what we produce in our bioreactors, trillions upon trillions of microalgae. 1g of TetraSOD® contains 4.3 trillion cells, with each and every one doing you some good.

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TetraSOD® helps to slow down cellular deterioration, caused by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), essentially the rust that attacks your cells. TetraSOD® fights back, reducing the number of free radicals that are able to cause harm. Ultimately, by bringing ROS back into balance, your body has a much better chance of resisting age-related disease and degeneration. Greenfilled TetraSOD® is completely homegrown, meaning it is pure and fully traceable. Our process is 100% about sustainability and most importantly, respects the oceans so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

It’s all about our sustainable approach

A lot of companies make a lot of claims these days, particularly when it comes to their green credentials. The problem is that many make these claims but aren’t held to account. Often, you can say one thing and do something completely different. At Greenfilled, that’s not the case. Our entire process is transparent, from production to delivery. Naturally, it’s a big operation. We actually produce the same amount of phytoplankton in a day as is produced by the San Francisco Bay!

The seawater we use is 99.99% recycled. Once it’s in the system, there’s no reason for it to leave – the environment we create is completely clean and sterile. You could eat your dinner off of our equipment. This is important, as we need to control everything that is growing in the bioreactors, so keeping everything clean is incredibly important. What’s more, we use state-of-the-art membrane technology, which allows us to be even more sustainable. There’s no dumping of waste in our process, and in fact, the facility itself is location agnostic – we don’t complete with other agriculture. It’s all about thinking outside of the box when it comes to acting with sustainability as a business.

Our values and yours, across the supply chain

There’s a lot of waste in the world today. At Greenfilled, we don’t like waste. That’s why we’ve succeeded in developing a more energy-efficient crop production and recirculation system, that consumes 85% less energy than a comparable system. It’s about the path to being carbon neutral and net zero in the way that we operate. The programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) have approved our packaging, which uses cardboard derived from sustainable sources. Oh, and when it comes to plastic, our blister packs use 80% less than traditional supplement bottles.

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Essentially, we’re on a mission to maintain our high standards of sustainability and transparency, so you’ll see more and more content around this subject as time goes on. And as ever, if you ever have any questions, a member of the Greenfilled team will always be on hand to help and keep you informed on the latest developments. So, get out there and enjoy your best life, safe in the knowledge that Greenfilled products are not only amazing for your health, but they’re also doing their part to protect our oceans and our planet. We’re looking forward to the adventure and hope you are too!

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